Uterus in a wood

Identity and independence.

My aim is to get pieces of my identity with my self-portraiture.

Fragile identity and emotional dependence are often connected.

The Cocoon series.

The series reminds the black and white self-portraits series in 2011 “Femme embrione”. Also, this series is about the accomplishment of identity.

I use the same expedient of the plastic cover. In both, the leitmotif is the cocoon, but now I compare it with plastic waste.

This covering appears like a synthetic layer choking and asphyxiating in comparison to an organic shell.

In this series too, cocoon remains the subject. Correlation is still between organic covering such as placenta and something more material like a plastic bag and general waste.

Therefore, my idea is casting two levels of interpretation. The first one: a woman who lies in a plastic bag, like a refusal. The second one: she is inside a sort of uterus.
In both, she is oppressed and caged.

It is the identity that is locked in a shell, she is not protected but imprisoned. The themes of these series are the struggle for rebirth but also a painful separation from a kind of strong bond that may reveal a dependence.

Landscape and color photography.

I chose, for this fine art photography series, to shoot in colors and to set on an external and natural location. Colors are more realistic and characteristic in landscape photography.

The wood as a location represents a pure external world. An innocent beautiful landscape that stands as a blind. The wood is a mental space, a mental contest that doesn’t mind what truth is. It doesn’t look the waste carrying on and living as nothing matters.

My project approach to photography is instinctive and spontaneous. I just have idea or intention but often photographs come out on their own.