Il Mare Fuori Stagione


Fine art photography

Fine art project “Mare Fuori Stagione”, “Sea out of season”, for exhibition with PROSPETTIVAOTTO cultural association in Rome.

Series of fine art photography of self-portraits in a black and white film. In the setting of the winter sea, the concept “out of season” becomes “out of dimension”.

Chosen three of these fine art photographs, for the collective exhibition, in 2011, at Bibliotheque Marconi in Rome.

Place of memory and deep oblivion.

I take a step further or backward, in my memories. I step forward or backward in my memories. Memories are wet by the winter sea.

I am here. But I don’t know until. Sometimes I seem to appear only for a few moments. I take a step. And I get closer. It’s just me here. I am walking, barefoot. All I know is that I will return to this long stretch of sand. Place of memory and deep oblivion, where we reborn, every time.

I will return to this suspended space, as the waves return. And all that the sea returns. I am here, present to myself only, in this instant.

And then, the sea will come, it will cover everything. With his fury, his peremptory anger and grandeur, which takes away everything.

And he will find out, everything he brings, leaving new wrecks and debris on the beach. And I will go back looking those monsters, those mysteries. How the waves come back on the shoreline.

“Sea out of Season”

The fine art self-portraits project is the evocation of another space, a mental, psychological space, more similar to dreams and memories space. Where memory became oblivion.


Involution, Destruction, Evolution, is another fine art series in “Sea out of Season”. In this self-portraits series, I am lying on the sand: firstly between the wheels traces and secondly on the person traces.

It could be an independent series but in the same setting. That’s why I preferred to include it here. Also, the time I realized is the same and it is fine art self-portraits in black and white film photography, as well.

However, I think, the feeling in this series is different. In fact, it is more dramatic. The first series it is about memory and suspended time, in this one the subject is the double of self, so, it is about the relationship with ourselves and the other.


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