The photographic project “Post-Urban Decay” started in 2020 and is still in progress and transformation.

It’s about a series of self-portraits integrated to big buildings and abandoned or never ended facilities. “Eco-mostri” that is to say, monsters, eyesores, of our Ecosystem.

Abandoned places turn into Time

My work reveals several levels of understanding, the most immediate of which refers to the phenomenon of these monsters and their impact on the environment.

A second and deeper level regards my own collocation in these places. The buildings represent temporal planes intersecting each other. The one from the past – living in their abandon – and the one from the future – frozen in their “could have been”, in the specific case of never ended or still ongoing facilities. These places become, then, mental places, and eventually, they turn into Time.

Past Continous is the tense of Photography

These two temporal levels entwine one another until they match in the Past Continuous tense, which is a past going on living like a present. Precisely in this very moment I fit my self-portrait.

The Past Continuous is the tense of Photography, of possibility. It’s a time “where” the temporal Reality trespass the threshold of the non-temporal Beyond.  Where the circle drawn by the inner along with the outer look defines my own figure along with the place’s one.

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