Red Telephone Box

Street Photography in London, 2014

This is my Street photography: a self-portraits series in London, in a telephone box located on the road leading to my house.

The London red telephone boxes are, now, abandoned objects, perhaps they will be removed from the streets very soon.

“Some long-unused object..”

Their charm, for me, is this being an unused object, unnoticed and facing neglect of everyone. These kinds of objects are abandoned, but they exist anyway.”Some long-unused object […]that smells of dust” wrote Marguerite Duras in the novel “The ravishing of lol V. Stein”.

Likewise, the figure, that little soul wandering inside and around the booth, is not seen.

I thought maybe these photos could give a new life to the red boxes but also a real and poetic memory of them before they disappear.

Red Color

This series is in digital color photography, because the predominance of red color, that is exactly the box color. I just wanted to correlate the box and the feminine image; put in evidence something that otherwise could be forgotten: the red box like the life of this woman.

This series talks about an identity still hidden inside the woman, risking to be forgotten as the abandoned booths.

This is not Street Photography

It is not real street photography because I didn’t catch some “instant décisif”, but I just took self-portraits already prepared or, at least, that have some intention. I done on the street, anyway, exploiting the randomness street can offer.

This Telephone Box was along the road leading to my house when I lived in London, Stamford Hill. I also have my memories tied to this abandoned telephone box; now I think they are sublimated into the little soul wandering around there. This typical London object at this point is destined to become a memory object, a memory that interweaves with my quotidian life memories.