Whole days in the trees

Nude Self-Portraits in the trees.

Nude self-portrait in fusion with tree trunks series.

Tree meanings.

The Tree refers to the idea of roots, so to the origins of our story , but also it could have religious meanings such as “the Tree of Life” and “the Tree of knowledge” of the Bible.

I am interesting in the Tree in our occidental culture that symbolizes the father, so the man. The Tree connects earth and sky and humanity with nature. Marguerite Duras , the writer who inspired the title of this series, said that women were witches because they could speak with the trees and they still keep this ancestral bond.

Female and Male

I looked for trees with an opening in the trunk, to bring out the female soul of the tree. Anyway,I didn’t just look for the feminine,I wanted to find the androgynous, so both elements : feminine and masculine. I look for the fusion of these elements and the joining link is my figure: Female and Male,Inner and Outer, Humanity and Nature. In these self-portraits my naked body is immersed in the nature and becomes part of it, like a soul of the tree.

I photographed secular trees in different places in the Marche, my Region.

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