Photos Hantées

A Film Photography project to talk about the invisible.

Film photography project,’Photos Hantées’ started in 2001 with pictures taken ’til 2014.

These Fine Art photographs are in black and white, and mainly achieved in film.

It is my first fine art project. In fact, I started my research on invisible with these photos. I also started to photograph myself.

The photo that started it all: “Trenorapido 2000”. 

A photo that started it all, is the one tint of blue, called “Trenorapido 2000”. It portrays a woman near to a chest of drawers. In this picture, I perceived something special, a magic presence, like a ghost, like a feeling. Something very evocative is the poetry of photography.

Maisons Hantées, Photos Hantées.

‘Hanter’ is a French verb whose root is the same as that of the English verb ‘to haunt’ where one of which one meaning refers to the ghosts living in a house: “haunted houses”, in French they say “maisons hantées”. Photography catches feelings and sensations and at the same time uncovers something not visible “with the naked eye”. Therefore I talk about some presence from another dimension perceivable without seeing directly.

Those images are evocative and suggestive, where subjects are often fleeing, latent, desappearing across the frame. Photography is the only means to catch them.

Black & white film photography, gelatin silver printed by myself.
Exibart — Oltre lo Sguardo / In Dissolvenza