Chez Annette

An abandoned place

Chez Annette is an abandoned place. An abandoned house in the Apennines mountains is the location of these film photography self-portraits. The house was a property of one of the maternal aunts.

I went there just for taking a self-portrait in particular: that one on the stairs where is visible only my face. Once I was there I took advantage of the abandoned place and its characteristic atmosphere.

This house had several rooms when I could feel vibrant energy to photograph. I took self-portraits in each room. It was very cold, glasses of the windows was broken and winter was coming with its icy air.

When I achieved this fine art photography project, the Photos Hantées corpus was taking its shape, so it influenced the “Chez Annette” photographs. For this reason, these self-portraits as well are “haunting” of some magic presence.

Woman’s Identity

These fine art photographs I debate more than one subject. I address an issue on the woman question: her invisible presence that surfaces from the light and her body seen as an object, raped in her identity and individuality. The question is deeper and raises the theme of identity: how we may feel invisible like a ghost.

The context is a psychological and mental space: the abandoned house and its rooms are like the mystery deep of the human mind. The abandoned place, as well, is like a ghost.

The Angel

In “Chez Annette” for the first time emerges the subject of the Angel. This figure will appear as well in my latest self-portraits. The angel is like a celestial being because is always flying. In the series inserted in this project, the angel is next to the window in the act of bringing a light bulb on the window sill. Generally, the light bulb is used as the symbol of an idea, but here, I think the comparison is, instead, with a phallic shape.

This character will be a dialogue between both feminine and masculine essence.