Red Shoes

This black and white self-portraits series is inspired by “The Red Shoes” tale in “Women Who Run With the Wolves”, by Clarissa Pinkola Estés.

The shoes symbol of womanhood. In my photography, shoes, are a metaphor of the passage to feminine maturity.

In the Pinkola Estés tale, red shoes, symbolize an original authenticity, that the protagonist loses in order to reach the accomplishment of herself quickly. She chooses the easier ways to do it.

The story tells the feverish pursuit of the lost authenticity, that the protagonist looks for throughout her life, in vain.

The red shoes are the real woman’s identity which she can’t save, unfortunately.

Each time she can wear them, she begins dancing because they still have her original vitality.

The protagonist is unable to wear her red shoes, because, she’s not able to listen to herself at all.