Le Miroir pour me tutoyer

 The pursuit of your own identity through own image reflected in a mirror,  is the expedient that has always been used in photography since the 40s with Claude Cahun, a pioneer of this genre, and which developed reaching the top in the 70s, especially pushed by feminism, with photographers such as Francesca Woodman,Cindy Sherman or Ana Mendieta. 
The reflected image of yourself refers to the myth of Narcissus, fascinating starting point where each artist can find own personal analysis and elaboration of himself and his body in the space.
During the years I consulted the mirror me too, to understanding about myself, to seeing  who I could recognize in the reflected image ,but this one, is never clear, often fleeing,is a draft, clear symptom of a feminine identity who cannot reach her self definition. An not shaped identity  which leaves us with the question:who am I?
The reflected image exists if someone looks at her, and in the self portrait at the mirror, we have a triangulation system, where ,we can say, we have two gazes:  one ,personal, inside, and one  impersonal, outside; so, we can say, this identity cannot find her definition neither in herself, nor out of herself.