Da Donna a Donna

A Black and White Project.

“Da Donna a Donna” is a black and white self-portraits project I achieved in film photography about roles generally ascribed to women.

The project was for ProspettivaOtto photography association in Rome. One of my pictures was exhibited with those of other women artists photographers, at “Casa Internazionale della Donna” (International Woman House), Trastevere in Rome. Website exhibition.

The Photographs.

My black and white self-portraits show a woman wearing an apron in a vineyard field. She holds a laundry basket but she wants to leave the basket. Finally, she does it.

In other images, It is possible to see her through a little window. She wears her apron and she brings a pot of water for plants. But in one, we see her, passing quickly through the window. Another image, shows her stopping to look at the interlocutor. Perhaps, she looks at herself, but her image is blurry and not sharp.

The Woman’s Role.

The black and white photography series is about the stereotypes of the woman’s role. Nowadays male and female roles are now in crisis. Their fixity is questioned. However, in European society, there still are remnants of patriarchy that still keep women to levels of inferiority and also rigidity that still reflect the stereotype of a housewife.

In so many parts of the world, there are obstacles that impede women to be fully integrated into social, political and economic life”.

In some conservative traditions, women still are in a state of intolerable dependence on marriage, husband, and family.