19 July 1943, Journey in a Story

Storytelling about the bombing of Rome in the Second World War.

A storytelling series in black and white film photography, taken in Rome for two years,2007 and 2008. The Series is my free interpretation of the bombing of Rome in the Second World War. On July 19, 1943, the entire working-class district of San Lorenzo was destroyed. 3000 Italian civilians were killed in the raids over five residential/railway districts.

A journey through time.

In those pictures, I propose a journey through time: from the future to the past. I just wanted to identify with feelings and the atmosphere that those places profuse.

I tell a story about a young girl who died during this bombing. I just allow her energy to live again in her district in a temporal overlapping of past, present, and also future. The future is also in her pregnancy of the last pictures. A hopeful and positive conclusion of my story otherwise dramatic.

I travel through again the places that concerned this tragic event and I try to evocate feelings of that collective tragedy with my imaginative storytelling. In my subsequent research I found out the real existence of that young girl, and she had the same last name as my mother.

Photos are taken in Rome, in the places of tragedy.

This project has been classified at the second place of MONOVISIONS PHOTOGRAPHY AWARD in the FINE ART category.